Through this Policy, PROMOB intends to clarify how our website uses cookies and similar technologies. For you to easily navigate through our platforms, reading and understanding this document is essential.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Privacy team via email:  

What are Cookies?


Cookies are simple text files that vary according to the content you access and that, through your browser (e.g.: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.), are saved on your device, whether it is a computer, smartphone, or tablet, so that the website remembers you for future access.


They monitor your activity on the Internet, showing when and how you interact with websites, ads, and emails.


In practice, when you visit our website for the first time, cookies and similar technologies are sent to your browser containing your browsing information, and are stored there until they expire. Thus, the next time you visit our website, cookies enabled in your browser will inform us how the website should be configured to suit your preferences.


The expiration date of the cookie depends on its settings, and may last for minutes, days, or years.


Why do we use Cookies?


Cookies and other technologies record how you interact with our website so that it “remembers” your preferences in your next access. This occurs, for example, by retaining the language you chose, the color scheme, your IP address, etc.


We may also use cookies to trace your consumption profile, informing us about which products you are most interested in from your interaction with emails, websites, and advertisements. This makes it easier to offer you products that suit your interests, leaving aside those that do not relate to your profile.


Cookies on our website may send information to third parties defined by PROMOB, who provide services to us.


You can configure your mobile device or machine to control the use of cookies or to notify you when they will be used. But remember, some cookies may be necessary for the correct functioning of our website, and deactivating them may compromise your browsing experience.

Cookies used on our Website


  1. Essential Cookies: These are the cookies that are essential for the correct functioning of our website, and they cannot be disabled. These cookies do not collect information about your consumption profile, but keep you logged on the website, among other essential features. With them, you will not need to fill out all the information on forms, nor will you need to renew your agreement regarding the use of cookies every time you enter the website.If you choose to block these cookies, your browsing experience on the website will probably be limited/impossible.

  2. Performance Cookies: Through the Google Analytics tool, we use these cookies to get statistics that allow us to understand how users browse our website, thus guiding marketing campaigns, product development, etc. With them, we can know how you got to our website. For more details on how Google Analytics works, you can go to

  3. Functional Cookies: These are the cookies that make our website remember your browsing preferences, such as username, colors, language. It is also used to quickly fill in fields you have answered previously. 

  4. Geolocation Cookies: These cookies show us your geolocation, that is, from which country, state, city or region you are accessing our website, so that, from that information, we can improve your browsing experience. Below, we list these types of cookies and their characteristics.

  5. Marketing Cookies: We also use cookies that collect your consumption preferences from your interaction with emails we send, advertisements on other pages, etc. With this, we seek to assess the efficiency of our advertising campaigns, and also direct you to products that align with your preferences.

Cookies from third-party websites


As we have stated above, third-party cookies may also be active on our website to collect information about you, such as your consumption preferences, your location, etc., all in order to conduct market analysis and send you selected advertisements.


By using our website, you will be able to view third-party content and be directed to their websites, which in turn also use cookies and similar technologies. Even if you arrive at a third party’s website through ours, we have no control over what cookies they use and how they will process your data. Thus, it is advisable that you consult their Cookies Policy.


How to manage Cookies


Through your browser settings, you can manage when cookies will be enables. But remember, disabling certain cookies may compromise the functionality of our website.


As stated above, geolocation, marketing, performance, etc. cookies can be disabled, but you cannot disable essential cookies.


Contact information


If you have any other questions about the use of cookies, our notices, data protection and how we use your Personal Data, you can also consult our Privacy Policy and contact our Privacy team at any time via email:   


PROMOB has appointed Jaqueline Maraschin as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in charge of processing personal data, and she can be contacted by e-mail:


Pay attention for any warnings about updates to this Policy or our Privacy Policy.